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Garden Fountains

Welcome to! Gardening is a beloved pastime for millions of people around the world. It can be a serene way to relax the mind and a low-impact way to exercise the body. The process of gardening, from planning use of space, laying the ground work, all the way to harvest, or even just spending time in a sitting garden, is a true joy for the enthusiast.

Home garden décor is a passion of ours here at We love nothing more than spending a weekend working in the yard. Our website is devoted to anyone who shares our love of creative horticulture and wants to learn more about it.

The rules are vague when it comes to garden landscaping. Nothing is set in stone, and the guidelines are matters of taste, rather than rule of law. The point is to create a pleasing space to spend time in. For some, this space consists of orderly rows of vegetables awaiting harvest. For others, a Japanese walking garden may be preferable, complete with trees, streams, walkways, and garden fountains. These gardens are not meant to grow food, but rather to be a relaxing place to soothe the soul.

There are some ideas common to most gardens. Planters are one example. Most people would agree that a garden is not a garden without at least some living things. The notable exception would be a rock garden, but those are much rarer than their green cousins. Planters are traditionally made from pottery or plastic, but don’t necessarily have to be. Nearly any object that can hold dirt can be a planter. People have used everything from finely detailed tile enclosures to old tires to create unique planting spaces. Some of the most creative use of planting containers often uses a multi-tiered design, which adds a sense of depth that can have quite a visual impact, as well as making great use of space. The use of garden gates and garden fountains can be employed to create the image of entering a verdant paradise filled with the musical laughter of water.

Multi-tiered designs are also a popular method for herb gardening. Whether built from the ground up, or designed to hang from a hook, these planters make a maximum use of available space and can be quite striking. An herb garden can be used to break up the visual monotony of a vegetable garden as well. Many people find that a colorful, multi-leveled herb garden can make an excellent “hub” from which the rest of the garden can project like spokes. The hub can be made even more visually appealing by centering it on other objects, such as trees or garden fountains.

The right accessories can add a touch of whimsy to even the most modest garden. For instance, garden fountains add movement and the soothing sound of flowing water to a garden area. Garden gnomes have been popular garden items for nearly a century and a half. The garden gnome, originally a German invention, can be found all across Europe and the Americas.

Waterfalls and garden fountains are both popular garden accessories. They can be a custom designed, physical feature of a garden; or can be purchased as a one piece unit that can be place nearly anywhere. For those with a limited amount of space, a garden window can be an excellent way to grow herbs and other small plants.

As any gardener will tell you, anything that can make the job easier is usually appreciated. Garden seeds, while obviously necessary, are not easy to plant by hand. Investing in a garden seeder can save you a lot of time and energy come planting season. They are designed to dig, plant, bury and mark each row; all in one simple movement. A garden wagon can be a great help with any type of landscaping. They are by far the easiest method to move tools, or whatever else, from one end of the yard to the other.

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